Our experts help clients in the preparation of the transfer pricing tax documentation management procedure, which is aimed at minimizing tax risk as well as time and cost effectiveness of securing the obligatory obligation of their preparation by related entities.

The result of the services is the preparation of employees of the head office of the capital group to independently perform their duties in the field of documenting transactions with related entities and managing this scope within the capital group.

The process for developing a documenting transaction procedure shall include at least the following points:

  • data analysis in the field of historical and ongoing transactions,
  • analysis of possible transactions in the future (simulation of possible transactions based on the analyzed data and strategic goals of the capital group),
  • development of an effective system for documenting transactions with related entities (including the division of transactions by type, generated risk, difficulty in preparation, etc.),
  • development of editable templates of tax documentation in WORD or EXCEL format,
  • preparation of examples of tax documentation for the identified ones,
  • preparation of instructions for completing tax documentation,
  • internal training for employees of the headquarters in the field of preparation,

and many others, the purpose of which is to ensure the correct operation of the procedure for managing tax documentation of transfer prices.