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It is an extensive knowledge base on the subject of transfer pricing in terms of Polish and foreign regulations and guidelines. Find out how transfer prices affect the most important areas of the enterprise.

What are transfer prices?

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The transfer price is the price used in all transactions carried out by entities between which there are capital, family or personal ties. This category also includes the transfer price in transactions with entities having their registered office, management or place of residence in a country or territory applying harmful tax competition (the so-called “tax haven”).

On our website you can find out everything about the phenomenon of transfer pricing. We provide the most important and latest information on both Polish and foreign regulations and guidelines. It is a constantly expanded knowledge base for practitioners dealing with this issue on a daily basis, including managers, accountants, tax advisers, legal advisers and statutory auditors.

This information may also be useful for students and academics looking for reliable data and comparisons on transfer pricing. We consider the subject of transfer pricing in the context of tax and law, finance and accounting as well as economy and management, which is why it is used by a wide range of users.


Transfer pricing covers such areas as:

Taxes and law

Transfer pricing as an invaluable tax planning tool.

The issue of transfer pricing is determined by national legal regulations as well as international directives and guidelines. Knowledge of the provisions and regulations regarding the application of transfer pricing allows enterprises to plan tax burdens and minimize the risk in this regard.

Finance and Accounting

Transfer prices as a determinant of corporate results.

Accounting allows you to record transactions between related parties. It allows you to control the impact of transactions and decisions made on the financial and property situation of the company. It is a tool that allows you to monitor the transfer and distribution of value across the entire enterprise.

Economics and management

Transfer prices as a significant element of the strategy of related entities.

Transfer pricing management allows you to minimize the risk of transactions with related parties, which may be done by developing a transfer pricing policy, preparing tax documentation or concluding pricing agreements. It must be borne in mind that the diversity of goals of individual units within the group should always be taken into account.